After you have gone through the topic, try to see if you could answer these review questions:

  1. Why are the palisade mesophyll tightly packed and arranged at right angles to the epidermis?
  2. Why are the guard cells bean-shaped?
  3. Name the 3 types of cells in the leaf that contains chloroplasts and 1 type that doesn’t.
  4. Why are stomata found mainly on the lower epidermis of horizontal leaves and not the epidermis?
  5. Most terrestrial plants have stomata on the lower epidermis yet many aquatic plants like water lilies have stomata only on the upper epidermis. Explain why this is so.
  6. What happens if I coat all the leaves of a plant with oil? Explain.
  7. Construct a table each to show the differences between Palisade Mesophyll and Spongy Mesophyl;l and differences between Guard Cells and Epidermal Cells.
  8. How is the leaf adapted for Photosynthesis?
    Adaptations of Leaf for Photosynthesis and their Related Analogies