Studying the Abiotic Factors Around the School

You have collected 4 abiotic factors in 7 different locations in school and at 3 different levels of each location.
That is a lot of data!

Before you start off, you were asked to take a baseline data to check how accurate each of your probe is.
Below is the data from 310 which I have uploaded on google document. You can share your documents be it MS word or MS excel in google account. Below you will see 2 examples of how this is done. Do try to upload through Google and try to share documents in this manner too.

View the excel file of the baseline data of 310. Thank you Kayal.

Here is the class combined data sheet of 310 compiled by Xyn Yee. Thank you Xyn Yee.

309 & 315,
Please upload your data in Google document too.

315 - combined class data for Abiotic factors (compiled by Yi Rong).


Before you add to the table, discuss in your group what it is that your group would like to analyse in this experiment.
  • Are you comparing the relationship between temperature and light?
  • Compare ground or air temperature in shade and in exposed areas.
  • Comparison of ground, above ground and air temperature in different site?
  • Sound level in different site e,g. shield by vegetation vs in open space
  • How do you compensate for the different start reading by every group?

Choose one research question and scale down your data and analyse the data to see if you can come up with any conclusion or trends.
Share your data, analysis and conclusion in this page. You can embed the Google document in the page by publishing it after you have completed the excel sheet.

Please include the following for your bench report by next Friday 31 July 2009.
  1. Research question from your group
  2. What are the assumptions that you have made.
  3. Look for trend or correlation depending on your research questions
  4. What are the errors that you have encountered and how you have tried to correct them